Performance Arts/Contemporary Dance Artist

Soyeon Shin

(21. 04. 1993, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
Based in Berlin

Soyeon, a dance artist and choreographer from Seoul, South Korea.
After finishing university in Seoul, she kicked off her creative journey,
debuting her first choreography in Slovenia in 2016.

She has been actively involved in performances, dance films and choreography
in cities like Berlin, Germany, as well as Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, and
her home country, South Korea.

Her approach to choreography is a thoughtful process,
considering various elements such as the essence of the dance,
the character's portrayal, and the intended message.
She aims to tell a story beyond just movement,
focusing on the lives and art of contemporary people and exploring
the deeper meaning of modern art and dance.

In her pursuit of contributing to the evolving dance landscape,
Soyeon is dedicated to creating her unique movement language.
Her work reflects an understanding of the cultural nuances of the places
she engages with, resulting in performances that resonate authentically.
By staying attuned to current artistic and dance trends,
she not only stays relevant but actively shapes the conversation around them.