New Bodies

Yuri Korec & Co. in production Skrzrprst for RESEARCH in the NEW BODIES project!

NEW BODIES is a workshop/research and creative session exploring the emotionality and expressivity of the body set in another reality – or otherwise – the agency of the body in contact with technologies. What do you look like when you’re running away from an elephant in VR? How do you look when you’re typing a message about laughing?

We will focus on the exploration and development of a movement vocabulary that uses coordination and dampened responses to environmental stimuli caused by technological mediation. We will aim to bodily explore the specificities of this phenomenon and use them in dance.

This movement vocabulary, or the psychological nuances of behavior, as well as other outcomes will be explored in a joint meeting with IT specialist. The research will be led by pedagogue, therapist and choreographer Yuri Korec.

Date of research: 4. – 10. 11. 2022
Location of the workshop: Bratislava/Banská Bystrica
Public work in progress presentation: Banská Bystrica/Bratislava: 10. 11. 2022, 11. 11. 2022

Choreographer: Yuri Korec
Dancer: So Yeon Shin, Chiara Aprea, Lukáš Zahy, Alexandra Mirekova, Jakub Cerulik
Photographer: Katarína Baranyai