Compassion 2Dance Company


Company Information:
Compassion 2Dance is a Contemporary Dance Company which
explores a fusion of different dance styles and the ability to
express the inner strength of the body, mind and soul.
Director: Tendai Makurumbandi

“Blind” - Research Project

Tendai Makurumbandi is a professional dancer, choreographer and founder of Compassion 2Dance Company based in Norway.
He has been in residency in Orebro/Sweden for two weeks together with two remarkable dancers, Shawn Willis (from Jamaica, based in UK) and So Yeon Shin (from South Korea, based in Berlin).

Together they worked intensely both indoors and outdoors exploring deeply on choreography development, led by Tendai Makurumbandi, supported by Norwegian Arts Council.

The research carries very interesting visuals and ideologies that raises questions and provokes dialog. The tittle of the research is “ Blind ” . Between dance and music there is a blind spot where a pulse is shared.

Title: Blind

Explanation of Work:

Why do we see the world blindly. Why do we judge with from closed eyes. You hear but do not listen. and lice with an attitude like you don’t care. Why can’t tou sense when dreams are broken. And allow ourself to discover new paths.  We chatter but do not talk. and compare ourselves to animals.

Time: Wednesday 31.July 2019
Place: Knut Säborg Dance Studio, Stubbengatan 2, 703 44 Orebro, Sweden

Dancer: So Yeon Shin(KR), Shawn Willis(UK)