Die Erde ist Meine Bühne

2023 / DIS-TANZ-SOLO 5 Project support by DIS_TANZEN Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

Altered Bodies

Movement in Space

Harness Connection

Initially, I imagined that the future of the human body would undergo a series of enhancements and deteriorations as we evolve in the digital age. However, technological advancements have surpassed our expectations, making it seemingly effortless to create an artificial body that appears perfect in this era. Nevertheless, according to biologists, our bodies do not deteriorate simply due to lack of use. All living organisms undergo evolution to adapt to new environments, but perfect evolution does not exist. Evolution does not strictly correlate with use or disuse. Nonetheless, as humans, we still experience physical decline due to injuries, trauma, and aging. In order to compensate for such factors, humans generate new ideas and develop technologies.

During my research for a project in February, I injured my shoulder while moving. The pain persisted longer than anticipated, and I didn’t want to halt the project due to the shoulder injury. Consequently, I wanted to explore how I could cope when the limitations of my body as a dancer were tested. I continued to investigate movement by minimizing the use of my arms and shoulders. Although it deviated from my initial idea, it allowed me to seek new directions. Despite the frustration of being unable to move as freely as I desired, I had to handle this situation well. As a dancer who had also experienced an injury, I felt melancholy and a sense of defeat. However, I wanted to find ways to continue dancing by compensating for my vulnerabilities.

The idea I wanted to pursue to address these challenges involved using a harness. Typically, harnesses are used to support and secure the body, providing safety and comfort. They help distribute impact evenly throughout the body, preventing injuries. By utilizing a harness and incorporating elements such as emotions or natural energy sources, I aimed to control and harness those elements. Therefore, I connected my body to the dancer, Jin-young, allowing for an interaction of movement. Even with an injured body, I could safely dance, benefiting from her dynamic energy. I shared my current situation and thoughts with her, hoping for understanding. As we connected ourselves with the harness, occasionally my body would hesitate or not, driven by psychological unease and the limitations of my own physique.

Produced by
Soyeon Shin

Costume Design by
Siyoung Yang

Film by
Benedikt Bauer

1969-Ken Verheecke

Jin Young Won

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland