Artist in Residency_Open Performance Series

2th, 9th, 16 of March 2024

Body Fragmentation and Sensory Exploration

:Study from the human body

If we can see our body as a space for negotiating social issues and artistic tools in relation to the other, what is the potential of the body? What does it mean to inhabit our nomadic body in a contemporary society?

The Bliss Collective aims to conduct research on nomadism as a discourse through this residency, applying Deleuze's theory of "becoming" to the fragmented body and sensations in the paintings of Francis Bacon.

For Deleuze, nomadism is a philosophical problem-setting against settlement, possession, exploitation, and the domination of identity. It is a way of living that confronts the power that captivates our bodies and lives, creating a new creative life. In this sense, it is simultaneously ethics and politics, a way of life and a method of thought.

We seek to expand the value and meaning of our existence as nomads by not limiting our bodies to a single identity but through the combination with heterogeneous subjects.


Choreography, Performance: Soyeon Shin

Visual Director: Siyoung Yang

Set Designer: Min Kyung Seo

Costume Designer: Seo

Sound: Benedikt Bauer

Photographer: Elli Stelzer


Die Körpergemeinschaft e.V. / Wilhelminenhofstr. 68a – 12459 Berlin